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Caution is important for Covid-19 in Jamestown, ND 58401?

Caution is important not just for safety, but also to protect yourself from Covin-19. Right now, there are debates around the legal liability for businesses where the new coronavirus is spread. Congress is working to determine whether some liability protections should be part of the most recent relief bills. But those liability protections may only apply to businesses that do everything “Proper & Right,” making it all the more important to follow directions. And even if businesses are offered blanket liability protection, that won’t save the reputation of a business where an outbreak occurs.

The Covid-19 Cleaning Process in Jamestown, ND?

Protective gear should be worn by everyone to help fight the spread of the novel Coronavirus. But it’s especially important while Covid cleaning. This includes everything from disinfecting to taking out the trash. Face masks are the minimum, but additional gear may be necessary for individuals depending on the type of business you have, the type of work a person is doing, and their level of interaction with customers and other employees.

Coronavirus cleaning services in Jamestown, ND (844) 923-2591

At My Cleaning, we wear protective gear and use state of the art items to disinfect and sanitize your facility to the highest standards. Using an innovative electrostatic sprayer combined with a dedicated disinfecting or sanitizing solution, we can cover large areas faster and even more cost-effectively than ever before. We are dedicated to safely reopening our City’s businesses. That’s why we are offering our commercial disinfection service at no additional charge with every annual commercial cleaning contract. If you’re looking for coronavirus prevention cleaners that assure you of a clean and hygienic workplace, call us for a quote.

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